About Kathy Kelly

Beautiful imagery resonates deep within my soul. When I see a beautiful sunset, sunrise, child, pet, person, event, flower, bug, home, room, architecture, scenery ...nearly anything...my heart pumps madly while my mind's eye instantly starts thinking about composition, lighting, expression, color, tone and texture. What's the story behind that scene? What's the best way to shoot it? How can I present it uniquely? How does the light fall on the subject? What is the expression I can evoke? How can I tell an entire story within a split second when the shutter clicks. Boom. I see life in colorful pictures.


I LOVE pictures. I LOVE the memories they capture. I LOVE the powerful emotions they can evoke. I LOVE that they capture our LIVES and tell stories about them in a single frame! I LOVE that they capture a MOMENT forever, frozen in time.


For most of my career I have been an advertising/TV production producer and marketer based in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Boston. Along with the business side of advertising marketing and production, I have often times been the creative vision behind the story, pitch or product using imagery, graphics, animation and sound to sell an idea, product or service. Other times, I am the creative producer bringing all of the elements together with an entire production team to complete the marketing message for a client.


It was after I moved from LA to the Central Coast of California in 2004 that I really renewed my passion for still photography. My new home had over 65 rose bushes on the one-acre property that captivated me (I have the thorn scars to prove it). I had to learn how to care for them. While doing so, I fell in love with their color, smell and texture. I literally learned to "Stop and Smell the Roses." With fresh eyes, a clear head and a renewed sense of smell, my vision and passion for the beautiful was restored.


Over the years, however, I have never been without a camera. From the time I was three years old with my Playskool fake camera to my days in college, studying media communications, with a FILM SLR, and now to today with state-of-the-art DIGITAL SLRs, I am always ready to capture a MOMENT so it can be re-lived forever in history for generations to come. I have gone from a darkroom to Lightroom processing our time, MOMENT by MOMENT, here on this beautiful earth.


I absolutely LOVE what I do and I would be honored to capture a special and unique MOMENT for you. Please check out my Portfolio. You'll see many of my photos have been recognized as exceptional by my international photography peers.


                                      - Kathy Kelly