Well, Hello There!

I was testing out a new lens in my backyard. There are always a plethora of insects to shoot out there, especially bees! Along with the regular honey bees (I'm no bee expert), there were the larger fury ones that seemed to partake in the pollen party fest. It wasn't until I was in post processing of these photos did I even notice the ant because I was so focused on the bee! Talk about an encounter!!! The bee is over

100 times bigger than the ant. I wonder if they can even see each other?

The next day I was out for my daily walk. I typically listen to various talk shows, books and blogs while I walk so I can learn while walking. Yep. I'm a multi-tasker. I happen to hear this quote "Sometimes all you need is 20 Seconds of Insane Courage." I thought how apropos and inspiring to pair it with my Ant meets Bee shot!

Be inspired. Don't let the giants scare you. Stand up to them. You can overcome any obstacle. I hope this shot and the words of wisdom encourage you...whatever giant you're facing.

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